Luciole Medical has developed unique, easy-to-use and technologically advanced brain monitoring solutions that can provide clinicians with the tools they need to monitor cerebral blood flow and cerebral oxygen metabolism across hospital settings, helping to improve outcomes and save lives based on comprehensive brain observation. Luciole Medical products are approved for use in Europe.

Luciole Patch


  • Adhesive
  • Measures oxygen metabolism and blood flow of the subjacent tissue
Luciole Probe


  • Intracranial
  • Measures intracranial pressure, brain temperature, oxygen metabolism and blood flow
Luciole Analytics Software

Analytics Software

  • Visualizes combined data from all devices
  • Analyzes trends and patterns in data captured
  • Supports clinical decision-making
Luciole Control Unit

Control Unit

  • Used with patch and probe
  • Small, lightweight and with USB connectivity
  • Data displayed on mobile devices
Luciole Display Adapter

Display Adapter

  • Connects probe to patient monitor
  • Push-button zeroes the monitor

Patch (RheoPatch)

The patch (RheoPatch) is a multiple-use sensor that is simply attached onto the skin and measures oxygen metabolism and blood flow of the subjacent tissue non-invasively. The non-invasive method of measuring critical brain parameters using the patch expands the applicability to a broader range of hospital settings, for example, pediatric and anesthesia. The patch may be used on its own, or in parallel with the probe to gain a thorough understanding of brain hemodynamics.

CE certified patch

Probe (RheoSens)

The probe (RheoSens) is used for patients with severe brain injuries and brain hemorrhage where the patients are unconscious. It is a sterile, implantable probe that is inserted with a suitable introducer kit into the brain (parenchymal) tissue. The procedure is identical to the installation of a conventional intracranial pressure (ICP) probe. Up to two probe devices may be used in parallel on one patient. While conventional probes only measure ICP, our probe can give additional important information to the clinician, as it measures ICP, brain temperature, oxygen metabolism and cerebral blood flow. The device is a disposable single use product which can be placed in the brain for up to 7 days.

CE certified probe

Analytics Software (RheoLity)

Luciole Medical’s analytics platform (RheoLity) consists of a user-friendly software used in conjunction with the patch and probe and analyses as well as displays the measured physiological data on any standard medical PC. The software analyses cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism data captured by Luciole’s devices and displays the easy-to-interpret information on a monitor. The display of intra-cranial pressure and brain temperature (probe only) requires a connection to a standard patient monitor using a dedicated cable. The analytics software allows clinicians to visualize the combined data from all devices and can also spot trends and patterns in the data captured. The platform also manages patient information and the patient measurement series to improve clinician workflows. Luciole Medical’s software can be run on a standard medical PC.

CE certified analytics software

Control Unit (RheoControl)

The control unit (RheoControl) contains the laser diodes, optics, electronics, and safety measures required for taking reliable and safe measurements. It is small, lightweight and USB powered by a Medical PC. A control unit has connectors for a single patch or probe, but up to five control units can be operated in parallel. The control unit can display the data on a mobile device such as a tablet or a phone to enable doctors/nurses to monitor the patient more conveniently.

CE certified control unit

Display Adapter (RheoConnect)

The display adapter (RheoConnect) is used to connect a probe (RheoSens) to a patient monitor like Philips or Draeger to display the intracranial temperature (ICT) and intracranial pressure (ICP). ICP zeroing on the patient monitor can be performed while pressing the push-button of the RheoConnect.

CE certified display adapter

Integrated Platform

Luciole’s Solution for Transforming Cerebral Monitoring for Brain Health: Integrated Real-time Data Capture Sensors and Analytics

With Luciole Medical’s integrated brain monitoring solutions, clinicians can make real-time decisions based on a comprehensive observation of the brain by examining multiple key physiological parameters, including reports collated from other sources such as published scientific, clinical and genomic data, individual patient and historical information. This allows the clinician to provide a more personalized care and enables them to assess patient status effectively.