Data Scientist

At Luciole Medical, we envision a world in which brain health is monitored, in real-time, for clinicians, health professionals, and health systems to make informed decisions about patient care. Our flagship medical devices combine the most advanced hardware, artificial intelligence, neuroscience knowledge, and optic systems to make this a reality.

We are looking for a Data Scientist to join our dynamic company to develop our vision of a patient data-centric solution. She/He will collaborate with our HW engineers, SW engineers, clinical engineers, and physicians to solve real-world problems with AI-based tools using our fast-growing medical database.

Duties And Responsibilities

• Bringing signal processing and machine learning-based solutions to our platform from research to production.
• Analyze and develop brain charcteriscts with clinical models, and evaluate them on large, complex data sets.
• Creating algorithmic prototypes and turning them into real-world features and models in the fields of brain oxygenation, brain blood flow, cerebral clinical diagnostics, and more.
• Lead a significant role in selecting ML/AI algorithmic approaches, and analyzing competitive approaches.
• Work with large clinical datasets to develop real-life ML AI solutions which would make a real impact on the well-being of patients.
• Take part in all phases of the algorithms’ development cycle, from initial research to deployment at the end-customer.
• Identify risks and propose solutions in algorithm designs.

Skills & Experience

• M.Sc. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Bioengineering or related field.
• 3+ years of industry experience in signal processing and building machine learning solutions to real-world problems.
• Strong experience in biophysiology and medical data processing
• Outstanding research capabilities, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
• Ability to translate and communicate complex concepts to a comprehensive and clear picture.
• 3+ experience with Python Matlab, R, C++, or other programming languages.
• Fluency in English, spoken and written.
• The ideal candidate is passionate about healthcare, solution-oriented, proactive and autonomous, with high standards of performance. She/He is able to interact with various stakeholders of the company including doctors and Board members. The candidate should be comfortable in a multicultural international environment, and be able to perform in a start-up environment.

Please send your application to: